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About the Fund

The Burleson Opportunity Fund is a scholarship program open to all high school graduates who live or attend school in Burleson, Texas. The ultimate goal of the Burleson Opportunity Fund is to provide every high school graduate from Burleson the opportunity to attain post-secondary education. 

The Burleson Opportunity Fund was created with a mission to change the expectations of students, teachers, and parents to include the idea that all Burleson high school graduates will have the opportunity to attain higher education and to cultivate the economic development benefits of expanding the attainment of post-secondary degrees and career certifications. 

Currently, the students of the Burleson Opportunity Fund  are eligible for up to 2 years, 100% tuition and fees scholarship to attend Hill College at Burleson. Second year students are eligible for book scholarships, based on their GPA. Funding is provided by many generous contributing partners, organizations, and individuals.


Of All Dollars Raised Go Directly to Scholarships

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History of the Fund

As part of the City of Burleson’s Strengthening Families Initiative, a group of individuals representing education, social service, city government, healthcare, and faith-based institutions met in early 2007 to brainstorm ways the Burleson community could better serve families, children, and youth. One idea discussed was the creation of an endowment which would provide Burleson graduates greater access to post-secondary education. 

In order for a scholarship fund to make a substantial impact on the community as a whole, however, it would have to open the doors of higher education to a significant portion of the population that would not otherwise continue their education beyond high school. 

It was determined it was well within the community’s capacity to ensure that far more of our young adults quickly transition from high school to higher education. The original goal was to attain universal access to higher education within five years of the inception of the program, but it did not take five years.

  • Average BOF Student GPA: 2.66 66.5% 66.5%
  • Average Texas Student GPA: 2.41 60.25% 60.25%